WedgeInvest® is the interactive platform that helps you to construct and manage your private investment strip by strip.

WedgeInvest® simplifies the asset selection and portfolio construction process for fund managers and institutional investors, empowering users by creating a personalised investment universe driven by state-of-the-art analytics developed in the alternative investment field such as private equity. Asset screening and peer group analysis can be easily executed on personal dashboards and the fund exposure weights as well as the performance attribution by geography, sector and asset class for each fund analyze. Portfolio sensitivity to market factors can be calculated along with the asset allocation alpha.

All these functionalities are available by fund classes on WedgeInvest®. Portfolio construction can be done step by step following pro-forma portfolio allocations available on each personal environment. Our toolbox allows the user to perform all the calculations needed to evaluate risk and returns of a portfolio. It is a proprietary financial engine that is able to test extreme market conditions with “what-if” scenario analysis.

WedgePE®, our first Private Equity SaaS solution available on WedgeInvest® allows each user to compute daily, weekly or monthly portfolio returns after management and performance fees. The calculated data can be transferred internally or exported with the report generator adapted to any type of fund stakes or single portfolio asset. Our solution offers four modules that is possible to use independently:

    FinwedgeReport to generate fund performances and reports
    FinwedgePortfolio to price globally each private equity portfolio
    FinwedgeEquity to price each single private investment
    FinwedgePremoney to select the single unlisted companies targeted

WedgeInvest® allows each investor to improve their investment strategy and become a player in sustainable investment on the financial markets. 

WedgeInvest® is the newest platform on the market that allows fund managers, investors and venture capitalists to build and manage a self-customized universe with data easily imported from any internal sources such as Excel or in-house databases using XML or external ones including Preqin and Morningstar.