Finwedge is a Fintech company created in 2019 by a team of entrepreneurs who combine Financial and high-end Technology expertises. Our aim is to allow investors such as Funds of Funds, Pension Funds, Endowments & Foundations, Advisors & Private Banks, Family Offices to access new generation tools to create, select and perform their own Alternative investment portfolios around different geographies and innovative sectors.

Our company is based at the Village by CA in Paris.

Finwedge provides Alternative Investment Portfolio Solutions through our WedgeInvest® Platform for Fund Raising & Fund Selection, Portfolio Construction & Management of Private Equity Funds & Single Investment in Equity and Convertibles. In this context, the company offers different SaaS modules that calculated real-time updated performances and generate reports as well as a global vision of the portfolio risks involved. Our SaaS solutions are supported by our Portfolio algorithms & financial data analyzer.

In addition, our integrated solutions help our clients to maximise their time by removing barriers in their everyday work. Our solutions offer relationship services to allow the GP’s (General Partners), LP’s (Limited Partners, Venture Capital partners, and Innovative Companies to communicate directly through our marketplace.

WedgePE®, our first SaaS integrated solution opens to each customer the opportunity to visualize the predicted performances for each stakeholder in a single fund and to match it if necessary. As a complement, we are developing a mobile app that will match the terms negotiated in a venture financing deal by the venture capitalists listed in our database and the innovative startups seeking financing.

Fund Managers, CFO’s, Middle Officers and Investors can define step by step their user experience from the upload of memorandum offerings to the performance calculation of each alternative fund and relative portfolios. Finally, our solution allows the user to generate and to automatically send ad-hoc notes and/or customised performance reports on demand to their clients.

WedgeInvest® is our award-winning software platform labeled in November 2019 by Finance Innovation, the global competitiveness cluster created by the French State in 2007.

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