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  • The Post-COVID Secondary Market Fair Value Downsize
    Purchasing an existing business is a less risky alternative to starting a new business from scratch. In fact, many start-up companies fail within the first several years. On the other hand, selling a company can take several months to even years, depending on factors such as business maturity, the industry, the market, and the context. […]
  • Covid-19 – Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain
    Lessons learned with COVID-19 are numerous. Slowdowns in market transactions, deal flows, capital calls and exits show the impact of this unprecedented black swan. While Private equity valuation has grown for ten years, in the last week’s global equity dropped by 50% and hedge funds by 30%. Fundraising had been stopped as Limited Partners (LPs) […]
  • Volatility, Hedge Funds and risk management
    Volatility, Hedge Funds and risk management By the mid 2000s a lot of savers signed up for the mystique of alternative investments also called hedge funds where managers developed the practice of hedging, ie- betting on falling. But many funds struggled to make money since the financial crisis and it helped to send stocks on […]
  • Fund administration and the need for transparency
    Fund administration and the need for transparency At a time when investment funds are developing their annual performance reports, the national and international financial press has been interested for several months months in the tense relations that portfolio managers may have with their partners, investors. On the one hand, the reliability of the investor is questioned […]

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