Finwedge is a Fintech company focused on providing Alternative Investment Portfolio Solutions through its WedgeInvest® Platform. In this context, the company offers different SaaS modules capable of providing real-time updated performances and reports as well as a global vision of the portfolio risks involved.

Finwedge aims to strengthen the relationships between the GP’s (General Partners) and the LP’s (Limited Partners) thanks to a common multi-reporting toolbox. Our SaaS solutions are supported by our Alternative Portfolio algorithms & financial data analyzer.

Asset Managers, Middle Officers, and Investors can define step by step their user experience from the Fund Prospectus template acquisition to the performance calculation of each Alternative Fund. Regarding the Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation, we have incorporated the possibility to customize a waterfall calculation module, which offers a new level of granularity in alternative asset management.

Finwedge is specialized in the digitalization & monitoring of Private Equity and Funds of Funds portfolios through its different software solutions.